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  1. Super Admin Jennifer

    Super Admin Jennifer Aspirant

    This post discusses how cookies are used by this site. If you continue to use this site, you are effectively consenting to our use of cookies. No, I don't like it either, but the way this software was designed, we don't have any other choice.

    According to European law, users must be given a choice to "opt out" of cookies. Since the XenForo software we're using requires the use of cookies, I asked, just how do we comply with this? You know what they told me? They said to provide a cookie notice (what you are reading now) and then the user can "choose" between accepting cookies or not using the site at all. Really! What kind of a choice is that?

    What Cookies Are

    Cookies are small files stored on your computer by your web browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox) at the request of a site you're viewing. This allows the site you're viewing to remember things about you, such as being able to keep you logged in. But staying logged in is not such a good idea, because if you do, anybody can walk up to your computer when you're not around and look at your junk. So to be safe, never select the Stay logged in option, and no, it really doesn't matter if it's a shared computer or not.

    Cookies also store personal information about you, such as where you have visited, in order to give you a more personalized experience. What this means in practice is, for example, if you click on perfume a few times you will soon be bombarded with perfume ads.

    I myself don't want to be restricted to only those things some program "would think I'd like" -- I want to see it all, regardless of whether or not I've been there before (especially if I haven't been there before).

    Cookies may be stored on your computer for a short time (such as only while your browser is open) or for an extended period of time, even years. Cookies not set by this site will not be accessible to us.

    Our Cookie Usage

    This site uses cookies for numerous things, including:

    * Registration and maintaining your preferences. This includes ensuring that you can stay logged in if you wish and keeping the site in the language or appearance that you requested.
    * Analytics. This allows us to determine how people are using the site and improve it. No, I don't understand what that means.
    * Advertising cookies (possibly third-party). If this site displays advertising (it doesn't), cookies may be set by the advertisers to determine who has viewed an ad or similar things, in a constant attempt to get you to buy things you don't need and don't want. These cookies may be set by third parties, in which case this site has no ability to read or write these cookies.
    * Other third-party cookies for things like Facebook or Twitter sharing. These cookies will generally be set by the third-party independently, so this site will have no ability to access them.

    Managing Cookies

    Managing your cookies and cookie preferences must be done from within your browser's options or preferences section. In order to use this forum, you must allow the use of cookies. I haven't tried disabling cookies in my browser to see what will happen, but I'm sure that somewhere in this software there's a "cookie enforcer" which will detect that then start telling you about all the wonderful benefits of cookies -- and prohibiting you from moving forward if you don't turn your cookies back on again. But here's how to get around that -- set your browser to delete all cookies on exit. The cookie enforcer can't do anything about that! So there.

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