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"Let Me Clean That For You"

Discussion in 'Everyday Annoyances, Annoyers, And Manipulators' started by Jennifer, Nov 14, 2015.

  1. Jennifer

    Jennifer Participant

    Where I live now I can't own any guns. (I had two semiautomatics when I lived in the US.) So, with the deteriorating security situation over here, I decided to buy a knife. I may never get to use it, but if someone wants to attack me and sees the knife, they may want to leave in favor of an easier target. Although I made up my mind to use it in anger if I absolutely had to.

    I went to this store and wound up buying a fighting knife, a practice knife, and a tube of pepper spray (all legal here). No, I'm not Mrs. Rambo or anything, but I do want to be prepared. After paying for my purchases, the salesguy takes the good knife into the back saying he's going to clean it for me. About 10 minutes later he comes out and returns it. Later I realize he ground off the sharp edge that makes it a fighting knife because he was afraid I'll hurt myself with it. Now it's a butter knife!

    This will probably end up in court. Meanwhile, I just sent a letter with return receipt requested demanding replacement or refund.


  2. Jennifer

    Jennifer Participant

    I went back there and demanded a replacement -- but they just said it was a sharp, new knife and there was nothing wrong with it. But my BF showed me how to test it -- and he definitely said it was not sharp. So he called them, and to make a long story short, they're going to replace it. I'm certain they did desharpen it, not figuring they'd get caught. So what they will probably do it take it back, resharpen it (although it's impossible to put a like-new edge back on it again) and sell it to the first person dumb enough to not realize they're buying damaged goods.

    My BF and I are going to go back there together next week.

  3. Jennifer

    Jennifer Participant

    Yesterday, I was finally able to exchange the knife for a sharper one. Once I selected it, I dumped it in my purse before anyone could offer to clean it.

    The new one has a slightly shorter blade, was nearly twice as expensive as the old one (and I had to pay the difference), but it's much sharper and has a better handle. It's a switchblade and has a clip on the side (like a pen) so I can hang in it my purse in a specific spot, not have to go rummaging for it when I need it, and get it ready for action quickly.

    Also yesterday, in the evening when I was crossing the street, there were four men, in their late 20's and very muscular, crossing the street the other way. They were loud and boisterous and made me feel a bit afraid. I discreetly got out my new toy and held it in my hand. I didn't have to do anything with it, and hope I never will, but I felt safe.

    Now I have to find a place where I can be trained how to use it properly.

  4. Lonely Cat

    Lonely Cat Moderator Moderator

  5. dongbei

    dongbei Aspirant

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