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Oakley glasses use a toric shape

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Edward Briscoe, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. Edward Briscoe

    Edward Briscoe Newcomer

    Oakley’s newest sunglass models, the cycling-oriented EVZero Range and the multi-sport/training-oriented EVZero Path, both forgo a traditional rimmed frame to drop grams and increase field of vision. Claimed to be oakley sunglasses uk outlet models to date, the new shades are available with the same Prizm-coated lenses that are found on the Jawbreaker and Radar EV sunglasses introduced last year. Photochromic and non-Prizm options are also available.

    The new oakley frogskins sale uk bear a marked resemblance to other, similarly-named models in Oakley's past line-up, notably the short-lived Zeros and Sub-Zeros marketed in the mid-nineties.The minimalistic frames are manufactured from O-Matter, Oakley’s lightweight durable plastic.The lenses feature a non-functional etching that delineates the field of view and helps give the models standout industrial good looks.

    Both glasses use a toric shape with a varying curvature. oakley frogskins polarized uk terms this “Polaric Ellipsoid geometry for maximized peripheral clarity in its sweeping field of view." In English: This should minimize distortion from any viewing angle. If the new shades are anything like the Radar EV, it seems that the increased size of the EVZero will offer good viewing when in a head-down cycling position. Claimed weight for the Path is 22 grams; the Range comes in at an equally feathery 24 grams.

    The frame is made from a material that oakley holbrook polarized uk call O Matter. Let's be honest, it's a type of plastic; it's lightweight and pretty durable. It'll bend to a certain degree rather than simply snap which is vital because, try as hard as you like, sooner or later you'll do something stupid like drop them or sit on them (what, that's just me? I don't believe you).

    The earsocks – the temple grips, in plain English – are made from what oakley latch polarized sunglasses sale call Unobtainium, which is a soft, rubbery material that holds the glasses in place well even when you work up a sweat. The nose pad is made of the same stuff and it works a treat to stop the specs slipping down. You get a spare nose pad in the box.

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