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Salomon schuhe is no exception

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Edward Briscoe, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. Edward Briscoe

    Edward Briscoe Newcomer

    salomon speedcross 3 damen sale Series is definitely the first time you can catch your eyes that, and Salomon's past cross-country running shoes different design style, so Salomon S-Lab X Series also among the Yan Worth the first few running shoes. A red design made him have a very tacky but the identification of the nickname "little red shoes."

    As the first two-way running shoes at Salomon's lab, it was fortunate that the salomon schuhe g√ľnstig kaufen Series did not see the shadow of too many other running shoes, both the upper and the soles, and the Salomon S-Lab X Series remained With their own characteristics, and joined their own cross-country running shoes technology to Salomon S-Lab X Series compared to other road running shoes in the function slightly better, especially Salomon home fast lace technology applications in the convenience of a sudden pull Opened the gap with the ordinary running shoes.

    salomon speedcross 4 damen Series can feel the comfort of lightweight design, only 216 grams of shoes on the foot and not too much pressure. And at the foot of the double density in the end will let you in the 216 grams of light experience to add a buffer of excellent feelings. But the forefoot because with the back palm with 8mm height difference, so the forefoot buffer to inferior to the palm, of course, all this is for speed.

    salomon schuhe damen sale Series's upper width is relatively moderate, the front palm position of the two-way stretch Lycra fabric also greatly enhance the comfort of the feet, Salomon S-Lab X Series of the upper application of the Salomon in the cross- Top of the upper parcel technology SENSIFIT and ENDOFIT, I am a little bit of meat feet in the shoe store is no obvious sense of excess, can feel the obvious package. Toe part also made the corresponding anti-collision design, but after a few road runs in the top of the glue has a plastic situation, of course, still do not worry about the whole piece off.

    The tongue is always a big problem in the design of the running shoes. The salomon schuhe herren outlet Series's tongue is a set of tongue, although it can solve the problem of running the shoes, Inside the outer edge of the feet because of the feet always let the feet will have the illusion of foreign body. Fortunately, this is only in the case of daily commuter will have some experience, the road running because the use of forefoot run all this close to the heel position discomfort is not so strong.

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