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The Other Side

Discussion in 'Spirits, The Unexplained, And Bumps In The Night' started by Jennifer, Nov 21, 2015.

  1. Jennifer

    Jennifer Participant

    The following is my opinion only and is presented just for entertainment.

    Some people believe, that when we die, there is nothing but oblivion. Others believe in eternal reward or punishment. I believe otherwise.

    I believe the spirit (soul) and the body are two separate entities -- although for most of us, our spirits are locked inside our bodies and cannot get out -- until we die, when our spirits are forceably ejected. We can find ourselves hanging around near our bodies, wondering what the **** just happened, but sooner or later we move on. (Note: the "spirit" is the real you; the body is just a possession like our cars are just possessions.)

    Move on to where? We can hang around in the spirit world, meeting up with other spirits; or we can look around on Earth, perhaps picking up another body to inhabit (reincarnation).

    If we stay in the spirit world long enough, we might find someone who wants to direct us to "judgement". Don't make the mistake of granting them the authority they like to pretend they have; their only authority is what they have given themselves. There is no requirement that you have to do as they say.

    Whatever the results of the judgement, the outcome will always be the same: you will be sent to a mind-control station where you will be implanted with ideas that suit their agenda. You never see the mind-control station or machinery; you only see the message they want you to see (which may include images of your relatives welcoming you to the "afterlife"). The basic idea is to give you ideas of passivity and compliance with authority that you take back to Earth if and when you decide to reincarnate.

    It takes about 40 days to get through the process; after which your resistance is largely broken. I managed to skip this process last time; I last died on a January 7, entered my current body on the next January 11, and was born into this life on January 12. I'm glad I managed to skip the whole "fake afterlife" trip; I'm a better person for it, although I'm afraid I'm in the minority.

    Those who have had near-death experiences often report seeing a calm, welcoming environment "up there". Some of these become fanatics, spreading a religious message to all who would listen. And a few others, seeing through the deception, report being surrounded by vicious beings who only want to hurt them.

    More on this tomorrow.

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  2. Netphreak

    Netphreak Newcomer

    Hey there silly little girl

    Go to your pastor and tell him what you wrote above. And read your Bible.
  3. Jennifer

    Jennifer Participant

    Netphreak, you idiot, I'm not about the walk straight into the lion's den. **** off!

  4. Jennifer

    Jennifer Participant

    This is a warning about Dr. Michael Newton.

    Newton has done extensive research into what he calls the "life between lives" area; what happens to us after we die and before we are born (reincarnate). I've read one of his books (I don't remember which) and although I agree with his observations, I disagree with his conclusions.

    Through thousands (?) of hypnotherapy sessions he's uncovered the same story over and over again -- that people, after they die, report to a place where they are given "instructions" on what sort of life to be born into next time, what to do in that life, and what "lessons" they need to learn. (He doesn't give this place a name, so I'll call it Newtonia.) I have no reason to doubt this is what he's observed and that his hypnotherapy patients have actually experienced what they report.

    However, it's his interpretation of those events that I take issue with.

    He says that Newtonia is our spiritual "home", that we somehow belong there, and trips to Earth (incarnations) are only excursions, temporary trips to "learn lessons". One case history was of this young girl who deliberately fell out of a buggy (this was in the horse-and-carriage days), got run over by the wheel, and got crippled so she could "learn how it feels to suffer". This was supposed to help her develop spiritually, somehow.

    Over the eons, a "young" being is supposed to develop into a more experienced one, eventually becoming a teacher or guide to those that follow. In the process, their color changes (in Newtonia) from white to blue to purple.

    It seems to me that exposing people to suffering only degrades them rather than uplifts them, and the goal of Newtonia is to eventually extinguish beings by destroying their power. And Newtonia is no one's spiritual "home", we no more "belong" there than we belong in the local auto repair shop. Do yourself a favor and avoid Newtonia.

    I myself don't have a way to navigate "the other side" safely, avoiding the dangers there. So my plan is to reincarnate quickly, and get back to Earth (or perhaps some other populated planet?) right away. As I said in the OP it only took me 5 days to be reborn last time. (Although I do hope my next life will be better. In this one, I've gone through a number of problems I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. But that's a story for another time.)

  5. Juanita

    Juanita Newcomer

    Same here, Jennifer,

    Get back quickly and hug close to the surface for now....unless ya got friends in high places. Or are mebbe an individual arm of a bigger being somewhere ....and are operating in temporary autonomous mode. Then it might to be safe to retract into your own safe anchors not trapped in here. But, travelling exterior after death around these parts one finds a minefield of boobytraps. The harder you resist the more gravity brings you in. ( my experience) And I never get to 'see' who was stopping me either. Just seemed like automatic energies bringing me round again for yet another cycle.

    A warning though, about messing too much with what we are trying to take apart here. It may serve us in ways not inspected. There have been a couple of channeled reports from the other side where deceased scientologists undid the auto-mechanism and 'felt' they could not get back 'in' to another baby body. It's considerations. Like "I can't identify with the body any more cause I know I'm ME" or "It's an act of piracy to co-opt this life form", or "I'm fuggin tired of kickin the bucket...cause dem what can't remember history is doomed to repeat it; and I aint 'membered nuthin yit....". I think eventually you go unconscious again as a resisting being and slip back into the loop somehow regardless.

    I remembered coming into this lifetime quite clearly. I was drifting in the Alleghenies and got pulled in by some strong entities....fighting unconciousness all the way. I went under the spell of sleep and identification with the new body....i.e. fetus. I came too after birth and was not customized properly. I could not operate from inside well until 2 or 3. I had strong negative feelings about going into an earth lifetime again after spending so many yrs in a Buddhist monastery and cliff cave.

    I feel the same way you do about Newton's research. I think it's pacification of individuals so they keep their attention on this game only.

    I have found, after doing some Aspektica processing and reading Avatar materials, that entities or dormant souls are often mimicking 'incomplete' business here. They seem to be residual energies. They can have authentic dynamis of their own worth respecting...whether created of our anima or another's. Stirring up too many which are hooked up to our lives, and which have incongruent leanings causes us strife. I got to where I felt I could not achieve any of my goals for this life cycle any more. I actually felt that I would have to die and quietly come back, being mindful next time not to stir the mud up into the clearer waters.

    I sometimes have to ask what the entity or soul's goal is for me. Why is it presently connected with me. Finding out what it is still striving to achieve or manifest regarding me, gets it to inspect its' purpose. It might answer describing another's goal or vendetta for your future. It might answer about you needing to learn a lesson. ( implanted notions?) In Aspecktika, you free them up the life force by inspecting the goals. It might be only a delusion that these cycles 'have to be' completed incarnation after incarnation. As a psychonaut, by turn, get everyone to individually mentally contemplate, experience, their goal or mission as if it were already 'completed'. Then the next higher goal or reason for choosing to 'be' 'here' ( or being 'held' responsible for that function by another) before that one.

    In Newtonia, as in Rosicrucianism, this idea that souls go thru some metempsychosis and evolve upwards 'maturity' is prevalent. Maybe it is true on some biological level. But the children of Light are not spawned from matter. And if we assume WE are just endowed 'creations' of God, then, there's no magnificent, individual Sovereignty; and there's only Grace.

    I am of the opinion lately that a 'Being' might be just a postulated presence. A determination. An aspiration. An inspiration. A GOAL. I think we assume a vector. And like living lightning in space/ time....we APPEAR! ....we arrive.
    Ideally this should be up to US! To come in acting on a provided goal gives you a life running at half mast. Mediocrity .
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  6. Jennifer

    Jennifer Participant

    Yes, I believe my best strategy is to reincarnate quickly next time.
    My understanding is that some of the highest levels of Scientology counseling actually destroy your ability to reincarnate, while not eliminating the need. You end up helpless and miserable, doomed to suffer "in between" for all eternity.
    I'm just about at that point right now!

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    dongbei Aspirant

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