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The Scientology Bridge And Its Alternatives

Discussion in 'Religions, Old And New' started by Jennifer, Dec 6, 2015.

  1. Jennifer

    Jennifer Participant

    As someone who had been heavily involved with Scientology, I've become familiar with their concept of a "bridge" -- a series of steps to bring you to a higher state of awareness. I've also learned of "alternate bridges" -- written by those who broke away from Scientology and developed their own techniques (an action considered dreadful by Scientology). None the less, I've created here a list of steps of ALL the major alternatives for your information. Those of you considering doing any of this may find the following information useful; for the rest of you may just enjoy reading it.



    Note: LRH, Scientology, Dianetics, the Bridge, Clear, the Grades, the OT levels, and other marks are trademarks and/or service marks of the Church of Spiritual Technology. This document is a review or critique of the various sources named herein.

    This paper presents a bridge "unified" for purposes of discussion only. It is not expected that one do everything listed below; it merely presents the various "bridges", or paths to betterment based on the spiritual philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard. No attempt is made to promote one bridge over another, but the steps from the most popular sources are given here.

    Those of you who are on this path would do well to consult the list below. Knowing what your options are is the first step to making an informed decision. For example, if you only want to do the LRH bridge, the steps LRH authored are clearly marked below. (But please don't fault me for including other sources; and please don't write me and tell me I have misunderstoods and need to get myself "corrected".)

    For some individuals, it may be optimum to alter the sequence of the steps.


    [LRH] These are steps authored by LRH taken from Grade Charts published in 1975 and 1980.

    [DM] NOTs was authored by David Mayo (and approved by LRH) in the late 70's. The courts have ruled he has no rights to them as he developed them while and as an employee of the Church of Scientology.

    [CBR] This is Captain Bill Robertson, who founded Ron's Orgs and the original Freezone in Germany. He's said he's received upper level data from LRH telepathically after his death.

    [RTC] Only a few levels has been released by the Religious Technology Corporation. Their main "contribution" was to remove some levels, specifically XDn, "old" OT 4, 5, 6, and 7, and to tell Dianetic Clears to bypass Power, Power Plus, R6EW, and the Scientology Clearing Course (now collectively known as the "alternate route"). They've effectively made it a status symbol to not do part of the bridge!

    [SOBRA] The Science Of Beings Research Academy, whose materials are available on the World Wide Web.

    [RD] Robert DuCharme, who counsels by phone, and holds the cans himself to get reads!

    [RF] Ron Fitch, president of the California Association of Dianetic Auditors, who made refinements to Book One Dianetics he calls Dianetics 2000.

    [MF] Mary Freeman, who uses Ethics for personal gain, not as punishment or to enforce compliance.

    [KO] Ken Ogger, aka the Pilot, who wrote the excellent books Super Scio and Self Clearing.

    [AW] Alan Walter, founder of Knowledgism. He has written several books, including Gods in Disguise.


    1. Introductory Group Processing [LRH]. Done in Div 6, this is done to demonstrate the power of processing on new people.

    1A. Introductory Co-Audit [LRH]. Also in Div 6, this shows new people that they too can produce results.

    2. Book One Dianetics [LRH]. The same way it was done in 1950.

    2A. Dianetics 2000 [RF]. Book One Dianetics with extra steps to make it even more powerful.

    3. Purification Rundown [LRH]. While not exactly processing, this action makes the body more receptive to case gain in future actions.

    4. Life Repair [LRH]. Various correction lists prefixed with "in this life". A short but powerful action!

    4A. Self Clearing [KO]. An alternative bridge, replacing the Survival Rundown up to Clear, for those with limited funds or who do not have a professional auditor available in their area. Not recommended for any kind of "tough" case.

    5. Survival Rundown [LRH]. Objective processes. Helps bring the person into present time.

    5A. Happiness Rundown [LRH]. Additional processes aimed at raising tone. Can be done at various points on the bridge.

    6. Expanded ARC Straightwire. Helps improve recall, making further processing easier.

    7. Dianetic Drug Rundown [LRH]. One of four DRD's on the LRH Grade Chart.

    8. New Era Dianetics (NED) [LRH]. The RTC bridge puts Dianetics after the Grades.

    8A. Standard Dianetics [LRH]. An alternative to NED that excludes certain actions taught on the Grades 0-4 courses; co-auditors in particular may want to learn and deliver Standard Dianetics first, with the NED steps done after the Grades. Alternatively, co-auditors may deliver Standard Dianetics to each other, and have the NED steps done professionally in Review.

    8B. New Vitality Rundown [LRH]. A case booster for those on the lower end of the Bridge.

    9. Scientology Drug Rundown [LRH].

    Note: Roman numerals below have been replaced with Arabic ones; with OT levels now going up to 48 on the CBR bridge, this seemed appropriate.

    10. Grade 0. Communication [LRH].

    11. Grade 1. Problems (including Help) [LRH].

    11A. Some versions of the bridge make Help into a separate grade chart action [KO].

    12. Grade 2. Overts (evil acts) and Withholds [LRH].

    13. Grade 3. ARC Breaks [LRH].

    14. Grade 4. Service Facsimiles [LRH].

    15. Expanded Dianetics [LRH]. While this level adds to the Dianetics tech, much of it is the same as NED. Having done the Grades, the person is now in a position to pick up charge that may have been too deeply buried before.

    15A. Codes Rundown [AW]. Ever wonder what your real personal agenda is? This level will answer that question and give you your reason for living. Other unique levels are also available from Knowlegism.

    15B. R3XD [RD]. Part of this process allows entire Dianetic chains to be run at once, instead of one incident at a time. Reduces the charge on Goals Problem Masses (GPM's).

    15C. The Ethics Intensive [MF]. By addressing the "inner villain" in all of us, this level changes personality (for the better) in a very fundamental way. Particularly useful in cases where the tech is just not going in. While it has been placed between Grade 4 and Power in this list, it can be done at any earlier time if needed.

    15D. Havingness Rundown [LRH]. Positive processing to give the PC something in place of all the negative charge removed.

    (continued below)
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  2. Jennifer

    Jennifer Participant

    16-16A. Power and Power Plus [LRH]. The first of the "confidential" levels. Power Plus is an extention of the original Power, and they are usually delivered together.

    16B-16C-16D. L-11, L-10, and L-12 [LRH]. Usually delivered in that order but the actual sequence is at the discretion of the C/S.

    17. Solo Set-Ups [LRH]. As determined by the C/S. Called Solo Assists by Ron's Orgs.

    18. Solo Auditor Course [LRH]. A training action necessary to proceed up the processing side of the bridge. One way of teaching Solo skills is to teach every action needed in the future in this course; another way is to teach only the basic actions and to teach the specific actions needed for each Solo level on that level. Becoming a classed auditor with some experience auditing others first can make this level a lot easier.

    19. R6EW [LRH]. The first Solo level. This level bypasses the usual protective mechanisms of the "bank" and reduces charge. "R6" is simply the name of the process used on this level and in a few others following.

    20. Clearing Course (CC) [LRH]. This is the level that produces "Scientology Clears". This level addresses Goals Problem Masses (GPM's), not engrams, and so it is way different than any Dianetics level. Some say going Dianetic Clear does not remove the need to do the Clearing Course.

    20A. Sunshine Rundown [LRH]. A locational-type action for new Clears.

    20B. Dianetic Clear Special Intensive [RTC]. The RTC bridge puts NED after Grade 4, and if the person then attests to Dianetic Clear, they are given this step and skip ahead to Solo and the OT levels. Those who don't attest to Dianetic Clear are called "Dianetic Case Completions" and do Power, Power Plus, R6EW, and the Clearing Course. These are levels which everybody used to do anyway before RTC started calling it the "alternate

    20C. Force Processing [LRH]. Makes the thetan unafraid to unleash his own power. A version of this, called Synergetics, can be found on the World Wide Web at www.synergetik.de.

    20D. Case-Cracking Rundown [LRH]. Tailored to the individual to clean up any bypassed charge.

    20E. Clear Hat [CBR]. Orients a Clear for his new role as a pre-OT.

    21. OT 1 [LRH]. Several versions of this level have been released over the years; I cannot recommend one over the other. The heck with it, why not do them all?

    22. OT 2 [LRH]. There are many steps to do on this level; just be sure not to stop on the first floating needle. On every Grade Chart issued, this level and the next have never had the word "new" placed in front of them -- they are the same as when they were originally issued.

    23. OT 3 [LRH]. Truly a different kind of auditing! Handles the major whole track incidents that have affected thetans. Reveals the true history of this sector of the galaxy.

    23A. OT 7EP [LRH]. For those who are having trouble on OT 3, these processes borrowed from OT 7 are run to improve the Solo Auditor's power of intention.

    23B. OT 3X [LRH]. A continuation of OT 3 after doing OT 7EP.

    23C. OT Drug Rundown [LRH]. A Drug Rundown for those who have completed OT 3.

    Note: in this paper, the numbers 4, 5, 6, and 7 have been given back to the original OT levels that had those numbers. The "new" OT levels, the various NOTs levels, are identified by name instead.

    24. OT 4 [LRH]. This level, and the three following, have been removed from the bridge by RTC. Some say there is nothing "old" or obsolete about them, and that they should be done as always.

    25. OT 5 [LRH].

    26. OT 6 [LRH].

    27. OT 7 [LRH]. Boosts intention.

    28. NOTs Drug Rundown [DM]. The first step of NOT's auditing.

    29. Audited NOTs [DM]. A series of rundowns delivered by a Class 9 auditor.

    30. Solo NOTs course [DM]. A training level needed to prepare one to audit their own NOTs case.

    31. Solo NOTs [DM]. When you can answer NOTs questions faster than the auditor can ask them, it's time to move on to this level.

    Note: in this paper, OT 8 and 9 are used for the original LRH levels with those numbers. The Ron's Orgs bridge [CBR] uses those numbers differently; in this paper they are identified by name instead.

    32. Excalibur [CBR]. This can be described as "Solo NOTs with something extra". This something extra can reduce to time needed to get the full result from years to as little as one month. Ron's Orgs refers to this level as "OT 8".

    33. OT Life Repair [CBR]. Done after Excalibur. Together, they handle the most secret and ancient barriers to OT, an organized attempt on the 7th Dynamic to force thetans to conform to a lower state of awareness.

    34. OT 8 [LRH]. Truth Revealed. A total of 5 rundowns, the first of which is called the Focus Rundown. Beware of those who only deliver the first rundown and then call the level complete. The fifth rundown is optional at the discretion of the C/S.

    35. Bridge Review [RTC]. Where the Solo Auditor gets to review various actions done previously. Now offered by RTC as "OT 8" in place of the LRH version.

    36. OT 9 [LRH]. The last of the released OT levels directly written by LRH. This doesn't seem to be the same as Orders of Magnitude.

    37-37A-37B-37C. Orders of Magnitude, Character, Operating, and Future [RTC]. These are the "unreleased" levels now offered by the Church as OT "9, 10, 11, and 12". I wonder if they are the "old" OT levels, 4 through 7, renumbered.

    37D. Ananda Rundowns [SOBRA]. "Ananda" means boundless joy. Further information is available on the World Wide Web at www.trans4mind.com/clearing/Clearing/SOBRA/index.html.

    37E. Super Scio Processes [KO]. Various processes from the book Super Scio by the Pilot, for use "after new OT 7". These go ALL the way back on the time track, much earlier than Home Universe! Available on the Web and in print form.

    38. Body Straightwire [CBR]. An optional rundown which takes care of any body somatics occasioned by earlier auditing and still persisting after Excalibur has been completed.

    39. Phoenix [CBR]. Opens the door to the "OT's own dynamics", and what he did---and didn't do---on them. Now, with tech, he can end cycle so that everyone wins---including himself. Ron's Orgs calls this level "OT 9".

    Note: from this point forward, the OT numbers refer exclusively to the Ron's Orgs bridge.

    40. OT 10 [CBR]. Continuation of Phoenix.

    41. OT 11 [CBR]. Continuation of Phoenix.

    42. OT 12 [CBR]. Super Power for OT's. This level through the Clone Cycle Rundown handles why the OT didn't remain an OT.

    42A. Pre-Static Life Repair [CBR].

    43. OT 13 [CBR]. Super Power for OT's continued.

    43A. Pre-Static Prior Assessment [CBR].

    43B. Clone Cycle Rundown [CBR].

    43C. Commanding Officer Cycle Rundown [CBR]. Puts the OT in control of his own body making it easy for him to keep it operational.

    44. OT 14. The Grail [CBR]. This level and the next two reveal incredible data about the games thetans get into---and couldn't get out of---until now.

    45. OT 15 [CBR]. Continuation of The Grail.

    46. OT 16 [CBR]. Continuation of The Grail.

    46A. Super Static Rundown [CBR]. After this rundown the person has no more case and requires no further auditing.

    47-63. OT 17-33. The Administrative Levels [CBR]. This is where the solo auditor reaches out to others on the bridge and pandeterminatedly "administers" to them to get them through any barriers to their own progress.

    64-70. OT 34-40. Games Master or Boots in the Sky [CBR]. Handles any tendency to go on a dwindling spiral again.

    70A. Games Master Graduate [CBR].

    71. OT 41 [CBR]. Games Series.

    72. OT 42 [CBR]. Games Basics.

    73-76. OT 43-46 [CBR]. Source Operation Level. (SOL 1 through SOL 4).

    77. OT 47 [CBR]. Valuable Application of Source Training (VAST).

    78. OT 48 [CBR]. VAST Plus -- the very TOP of the bridge!
  3. I too have been heavily involved with Scientology and the Church of Scientology for the bulk of my life. My wife and I left the church in June of 2010 after I had back-to-back OT eligibility sessions at AOLA that were so bad I thought I was having a psychotic break in the middle of session. Not joking. Hard to understand why I returned for that second session, other than - based on the utterly amazing experiences I had had with Scientology - I completely bought into the notion that the church owned my eternity. Well, that's a line I'll never fall for again! Since leaving the church, my spiritual progression has been a veritable rocket ride. R6EW, the Clearing Course, original OT I, new OT I, OT II, OT III, Audited NOTs, some solo NOTs, Excalibur (wow!) and The Phoenix. If you're a competent auditor, a competent solo auditor and keep your personal integrity in, the sky is the limit as a scientologist practicing independently from the church (that has been my experience and the experience of several of my friends). Curiously, I never experienced an ARCX break with LRH or the subject of Scientology. Despite those two awful sessions in the hands of a Class IX "auditor", I never doubted for a micro-second that Scientology worked. So as soon as I got out, I got going on my advanced levels.

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